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Regional Locate Notification Centre

A number of underground infrastructure owners in Atlantic Canada have partnered with Info-Excavation to provide a single point of contact for Locate Requests.

With a single request, excavators are actually requesting locates for All Info-Ex Member Companies in the region. The ATLCGA hopes to encourage other underground infrastructure owners to join the notification centre – resulting in an even more efficient and consistent locate request process for excavators in the region.

Info-Excavation is a Non-Profit organization in operation since 1993. It provides Locate Processing services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Locate or engineering request can be made online, through the free mobile App or by phone.

Home Owners

Your property may have infrastructures buried underneath.

Are you thinking of installing a fence, excavating for a pool, planting a tree or excavating near your house?

A locate request will confirm if there are telecommunication and electrical cables, gas pipelines or other infrastructures buried underneath.

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Contractors & Municipalities

Prevent damages and dig safely!

A locate request helps you know where underground infrastructure is located near your excavation area. It will help prevent accident related damages that could be potentially costly and dangerous.

Doing safe excavation work ensures the safety of your employees and the general public.

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