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Membership in the ATLCGA is open to all stakeholders with a genuine interest in reducing damages to the underground infrastructure.

The Benefits

Atlantic Dig Safe and the ATLCGA provides the forum in which issues related to damage prevention can be discussed among a variety of stakeholders.  Members can share information and perspectives and work cooperatively and collaboratively in the pursuit of common damage prevention goals.

Active participation in the ATLCGA as a member will allow you to:

  • Be part of the voice of damage prevention in the Atlantic Provinces
  • Increase your understanding of damage prevention issues
  • Contribute to the identification and validation of damage prevention best practices
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of a consistent and standard damage prevention process
  • Ensure your stakeholder group is well represented
  • Demonstrate your commitment to damage prevention
  • Enhance the public credibility of your organization
  • Enhance due diligence
  • Enhance worker safety, public safety and community safety

For more information on becoming a member, please contact:

Membership Fees

Several types of membership are available, and all stakeholder groups have the opportunity to be represented on the ATLCGA Board of Directors.


Annual Fee: $100


Annual Fee: $250


Annual Fee:

  • Municipality: $250
  • Provincial Department: $500
  • Federal Department: $1,000

Business (Non-Facility Owner/Operator)

Annual Fee:

  • 50 or less Atlantic Canadian employees: $250
  • 51-100 Atlantic Canadian employees: $500
  • 101-250 Atlantic Canadian employees: $750
  • Over 250 Atlantic Canadian employees: $1,000

Facility Owner/Operator

Annual Fee: $1,000

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