Atlantic Canada Common Ground Alliance

Atlantic Dig Safe is organized and directed by the Atlantic Region Common Ground Alliance (ATLCGA).


The Atlantic Canada Common Ground Alliance (ATLCGA) is an open membership organization which represents the interests of our members and external stakeholders within the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador, as it relates to damage prevention.  The ATLCGA gives the Atlantic Provinces the opportunity to participate in a collective approach to damage prevention.  The ATLCGA is a regional partner of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA), which works towards effective damage prevention best practices that will benefit all Atlantic Canadians. 


The ATCLGA’s vision is to be recognized as the leader in promoting effective damage prevention best practices throughout Atlantic Canada.


Through shared responsibility among all stakeholders, the ATLCGA strives to ensure public safety, protect workers, preserve the environment, safeguard underground infrastructure, and maintain the integrity of services, by promoting effective damage prevention practices.


The ATLCGA’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the adoption of best practices at the region level to prevent damage from ground disturbance activities;
  • Advocate the development and implementation of a regional notification system;
  • Influence the development of fair damage prevention regulations;
  • Encourage the input of regional statistics into the national Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT);
  • Translate national initiatives into meaningful regional actions and promote implementation; and
  • Participate in public awareness, education, and training relating to damage prevention and safe ground disturbance activities.

ATLCGA Board of Directors

Name Organization
Todd Scott Enbridge Gas New Brunswick
Stephanie More Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline
Chris MacAulay Heritage Gas
Donald Richard Locate Management
Rojean Williams DTE Locates
Paula Cook Heritage Gas
Craig Arbeau Brunswick Pipeline
Robert Vautour Bell Aliant
Craig McClintock Enbridge Gas New Brunswick / Saint John Dig Line

ATLCGA Executive

Role Name
Chair Todd Scott
Vice-Chair Stephanie More
Administrator Chris MacAulay
Treasurer Donald Richard
Notification Center Board Representative Len Perley
Committee Chair Rojean Williams (Education & Awareness Committee)